Lets talk about bloating

Bloating is one of the most common symptoms I hear from my female clients, especially for women with PMS or going through perimenopause and beyond.

It is generally described as the feeling of abdominal pressure or feeling tight and swollen in the abdomen. Many people with bloating also note experiencing a more visible symptom called ‘distention’ in which they objectively see an increase in abdominal size in a short period of time.

What are some other symptoms of bloating?

Bloating is often accompanied by other symptoms such as:

· Abdominal pain

· Gas noises such as rumbling or gurgling

· Frequent flatulence and/or burping

So what can you do to relieve bloating?

**If the cause of your bloating is diet and/or lifestyle related, here are some things you can try to relieve it

Chew more! Don't just swallow your food down. Digestion starts in your mouth (actually it starts when you anticipate food!), so take some time to enjoy your food slowly. Chew each mouthful, focus on your meal (rather than your phone or the TV!).

Relax more – make sure you’re switching off your stress response every day. Try meditation, deep breathing, yoga, walking in nature or anything that relaxes you.

Keep a food and symptom diary – try to spot any patterns.

Eliminate dairy and gluten – try it for a few weeks to see if they are causing your symptoms.

Clean up your diet – eat whole real foods, avoid processed foods and vegetable oils and make sure you're piling on the veggies.

Stay hydrated - Make sure you fill up a jug of water for the day and keep drinking. You can flavour your water with lemon, cucumber, berries or other fruits or herbs.

Try fermented foods – Kefir and Kombucha are full of natural probiotics that can help keep your microbial balance in check.

Exercise – Getting your body moving is a great way to naturally promote movement in the gut. Exercise improves gas clearance from the bowel. If you sit often, consider taking short breaks to get up and move and also include regular fitness into your weekly routine.

Supplements can help; Magnesium Citrate/glycinate relaxes bowel muscles (great if you're constipated), digestive enzymes, fish oils help to reduce inflammation, and Vitamin D regulates your immune system

If you'd like my help to identify the root cause of your bloating or other health issues, contact me and we can go through your options.

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