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All packages are available via one-on-one or zoom consultations

My passion really is to help women suffering from PCOS to talk control over their health and understand what's going on with their bodies.

This 12-week program will teach you nutrition and lifestyle strategies to take charge of YOUR PCOS and meet your goals: whether you need to alleviate symptoms, manage weight, improve fertility, boost energy, or minimize health risks.

You'll get an education on: 

  • The root causes of PCOS and what to do about them.

  • Foods that can improve hormone balance, decrease insulin resistance, douse inflammation, and improve gut health.

  • How lifestyle plays a major role in managing PCOS.

You'll get step-by-step guidelines on:

  • How you can simplify meal planning.

  • How to make PCOS-friendly meals in 15 minutes or less.

  • How to stop those dreaded carb cravings.

  • How to incorporate exercise, sleep, and stress management into your hectic life.

Healthy Salad

This Program is for you if 

  • Overwhelmed by conflicting info on social media?

  • Confused about what to eat for PCOS?

  • Always hungry and craving carbs?

  • Struggling with low energy and mood swings?

  • Facing irregular periods and/or trouble getting pregnant?

  • Battling never-ending acne, or growing/losing hair at an alarming rate?

  • With a scale that only goes up … no matter what you do?

  • Stressed by cooking and meal planning?

  • On contraception for your PCOS 

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So what does your 12 week program entail?

  • Your program starts with a quiz before your initial consultation

  • Initial consultation and Inbody assessment

  • A 7-day customized meal plan 

  • A complete personalized shopping list to accompany your meal plan

  • 5 bi-weekly educational sessions that include Inbody assessment to track progress troubleshooting, and educational material

  • Plenty guides to help you along: 

    • Meal planner

    • Wellness tracker

    • Shopping list

    • Personalized supplement schedule

    • Period tracker

  • Recipe Book

  • Meal prepping guide and so much more

  • BONUS: Unlimited email/ Whatsapp access (during business hours, of course!) to Kirby throughout the course of your program

  • OPTIONAL EXTRA: Genetic testing and interpretation

Payment Options

  • Single payment

  • 2 payments 



12 Week Program

Starts 7th September 2020

All packages are available via one-on-one or zoom consultations

Enrollments end 

6th September 2020

(Next Course to start Jan 2021)

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