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Assess - First Consultation

In order to help you reach your health goals, I first have to understand the root cause to any symptoms or present health concerns.

I do this with an initial 60 minute assessment that includes:
•    A comprehensive health history
•    Putting together your story with past and current symptoms & experiences
•    Gathering any labs or data you already have

•    A detailed body composition analysis (using the InBody Scale)

•    Completing additional labs as needed (type will vary per person)
•    Partnering with & listening to you as you know your body best.

Action - Personalized meal plan 


You will receive your personalized meal plan 2 – 3 days after the consultation. Your plan will be specific to you and will include a combination of food, supplement and lifestyle recommendations.  We utilize the information from above to create your personalized plan and work together to make adjustments as needed.

Accomplish - Follow ups

You will have a clear, personalized plan and consistent communication with me to help you reach your health goals. Frequency of these consultations are scheduled according to your preference, and are recommended to help you to monitor your progress. Lifestyle and dietary changes will be discussed in further detail and food records will be evaluated. Detailed body composition assessments will be performed and measured against previous results.


Goals will be measured and adjusted as required. Follow up consultations keeps you motivated - and provide assistance to help you overcome barriers so you can reach success. Duration of follow up consultations are 30 minutes long.


Whether your goals are related to hormones, fertility, digestion, mood, or anything else, I will be there to partner with you on your journey towards healing. 

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Genetic Interpretation

A genetics analysis is a 60-90 minute appointment to review your genetic test results and assess your body composition via the Inbody Scale. We utilize your DNA along with your primary health concerns and symptoms to create a personalized plan. You will be provided with specific lifestyle and dietary interventions related to methylation, detoxification, inflammation, oxidative stress, diet, exercise, etc. Your genes are your tendency, not your destiny so with this information you can implement strategies to lead your healthiest life.




Cash/EFT payments are preferred, but medical aid claims can be accommodated via special request. Please check with your medical aid before opting for this payment method as additional admin fees will be charged for rejected claims. 


  • Initial Consultation (incl. InBody composition assessment and personalized meal plan: 60min

  • Follow-ups ( incl. InBody composition assessment and adjustments to meal plan):: 30min

  • Vitality Nutrition Assessment (incl. InBody composition assessment): 30min

  • InBody Composition Assessment: 20min

  • Genetic Interpretations (incl. InBody composition assessment and personalized meal plan): 60-90min

  • Other: educational talks / corporate wellness

  • Reduced cost apply to partner and family consultations.


Healthy Food