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Meet Kirby

Registered Dietitian

"It may seem impossible to go about your month without any PMS, no extreme cravings or binges, with no stomach pain, with silky smooth skin, or even sleeping through the night completely. But over here that’s not just a pipe dream—it’s what I help my clients work toward every single day."


Hi, I'm Kirby, a Registered Dietitian, travel enthusiast, and lover of all things art and food.

In short, I have been in private practice for 8 years. Certified in nutrigenomics and with a passion for making health and nutrition info easy to understand and put to use in your already busy life.

I was diagnosed with PCOS in 2014, and recently diagnosed with a rare form of endometriosis so I am no stranger to hormonal symptoms like heavy and painful periods, breakouts, problems with sleep, gut discomfort and feeling exhausted, etc. The remedy at the time (and still to this day) includes putting women on oral contraceptives. The symptoms experienced with the trial and error of contraception I found affected my health. During the years of working in a hospital and private practice struggling with my own health, I started asking deeper questions & playing detective.


I dove into the research and began making changes. At the time I also started seeing many females with PCOS, insulin resistance, endometriosis, thyroid dysfunction, infertility, gut issues, weight gain, anxiety, depression, or a combination of those conditions. And I knew I could make a difference.

Addressing the root cause of my condition quite literally changed my life. Fast-forward to today, off the pill, symptoms under control and I get to help people do the same thing!

Through years of working with clients one-on-one, my passion is to partner with clients and teach them not only what their body needs but help them take the lead in their health. Food is a powerful medicine when you know how to use it!


Education & Credentials

Bachelor of Science in Dietetics 2014

Foundations in Nutrigenomics (CTG) 2017

Diploma in Sports Nutrition 2017

Treating the Emotional Eater Foundation Course (Module 1 & 2) 2018

DUTCH test certification 2018

Food Allergy (Understanding Allergies) Course (UCT) 2019

HART Fertility Clinic Associate Dietitian 2020

Fertility Solutions Associate Dietitian 2020

Member of the Academy of Nutrition & Dietetics 2020